Single Input Module

Individual Addressable Modules (IAMs)
Model 4090-9001 Supervised IAM
Model 4090-9051 Supervised IAM

Individual addressable modules (IAMs) receive both power and communications from a two-wire MAPNET II or IDNet circuit. They provide location specific addressability to a single initiating device (such as single station smoke detector alarm contacts or heat detector contacts) or multiple devices at the same location by monitoring normally open dry contacts and the wiring to an end-of-line resistor.

Model 4090-9001 is packaged in a thermoplastic housing and provides screw terminal connections and a status indicating LED.

Model 4090-9051 is an encapsulated package with wire leads. It does not provide a status indicating LED.

IDNet or MAPNET II addressable communications supply both data and power over a single wire pair to provide**:

  • Supervised Class B monitoring of normally open, dry contacts
  • Total wiring distance from IAM to supervision resistor(s) of up to 500 ft (152 m)
  • Monitored connection is compatible with Simplex® 2081-9044 Overvoltage Protectors for outdoor wiring or electrically noisy applications
  • For use in indoor locations up to 158° F (70° C) such as attic spaces or similar applications

For use with following Simplex control panels:

  • Model Series 4007ES, 4008, 4010, 4010ES, and 4100ES fire alarm control panels for IDNet communications
  • Model Series 4100/4100U/4100ES, 4120, 4020, and 2120 Communicating Device Transponders (CDTs) equipped with MAPNET II communications

Model 4090-9001:

  • Enclosed design minimizes dust infiltration
  • Mounts in standard single gang electrical box
  • Screw terminals for wiring connections
  • Visible LED flashes to indicate communications
  • Optional covers are available to allow LED to be viewed after installation (requires mounting bracket, ordered separately)

Model 4090-9051:

  • Encapsulated design for extended exposure to high humidity (LED is not present on this model)
  • Color coded 18 AWG leads for wiring

IDNet communications provides current limited monitoring:

  • Provides monitoring of tamper switch (supervisory) and waterflow switch (alarm) on same circuit using one point
  • Available with IDNet communications only

Multiple operation modes are available and are selectable at the control panel:

  • Contact closure status can be tracked
  • Momentary contact closure conditions can be selected at the panel to be latched or tracked (not available with the 2120 CDT)

UL listed to Standard 864

  • These products have been approved by the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) pursuant to Section 13144.1 of the California Health and Safety Code. See CSFM Listing 7300-0026:223 for allowable values and/or conditions concerning material presented in this document. Accepted for use – City of New York Department of Buildings – MEA35-93E. Additional listings may be applicable; contact your local Simplex product supplier for the latest status. Listings and approvals under Simplex Time Recorder Co. are the property of Tyco Fire Protection Products .

Contact Closure. Closure of the monitored contact(s) initiates an alarm or other response as programmed at the fire alarm control panel. An open in the monitored circuit wiring will cause a trouble to be reported.

Panel Selections. Selections can be made at the control panel to maintain the alarm condition if the initiating device contacts are momentary, such as from a rate-of-rise heat detector, or to track the device contact status (not available with the 2120 CDT).

For use with IDNet communications only, these IAMs can provide quad-state sensing of normal, open circuit, short circuit, and current limited conditions. (Program type is “T-sense.”) With the proper end-of-line and current limiting resistors, dual functions such as tamper switch and waterflow switch monitoring can be determined and communicated by a single addressable point.