Smart Toilet System

“Smart Toilet” System is to digitize your restroom operations and to create an excellent facilities for customer experience and high-performance of facility management

The Smart Toilet System will manage the toilet’s performance via sensors and monitors on potential strong odour by ammonia sensor, consumables such as soap, toilet paper holders, paper hand towel dispensers, waste receptables as well as environmental monitoring such as air quality, temperature humidity, people counter, wet floor and interactive feedback panel for continuous improvement

The data will be transmitted to a cloud service that can be managed and tracked through a web platform and mobile app

  • Smart Push Button Feedback Panel
  • Smart Soap Dispenser
  • Smart Toilet Roll Dispenser
  • Smart Illegal Detector
  • Smart Bin Sensor
  • Smart Cleaner Attendance System
  • Smart Cubicle Occupancy Detector
  • Smart Temperature / Humidity Sensor
  • Smart Wet Floor Sensor

Crowd Density

  • Pre-alert for cleaning before the toilet get unacceptable to use, the toilet paper or hand soap is empty due to high usage

Increase Productivity

  • Clean “On Demand” instead on fixed schedule that may not be necessary

NH3 Sensor

  • Allow “Ammonia(Smell) threshold level” set and predetermined alert will be send to pre-alert for cleaning before the toilet condition may get unsatisfactory condition

Energy Efficiency

  • Industry green certified product to ensure energy efficiency and reduce cost

Lesser Workload

  • Supervisor can  monitor more toilets at any time than going to individual to check
Positive environment sustainability
Excellent hygienic experience for customers and tenants
Improved restroom uptime and availability
Potential Green star and LEED ratings recognition
Financial ROI and payback, improves building valuation

Vertical Focus

Commercial / Government offices

University / Schools


Shopping Malls

Hotel / Resorts

MRT / Train Stations