Smoke Curtain


In the unfortunate event of a fire outbreak, containing smoke and heat becomes imperative to minimize harm and ensure occupants’ safety. Smoke curtain systems play a pivotal role in achieving this goal. These systems are engineered to halt the movement of smoke and heat, confining fire-related risks within specific areas.

Smoke Control Measures

Void Edge Barriers

In accordance with building fire strategy compliance, void edge barriers are installed to prevent the spread of smoke from ground levels to upper levels as per design specifications.

Channeling Barriers

For mixed development buildings and warehouses with extensive floor areas, smoke zones are established to adhere to fire strategy requirements. Smoke curtains are strategically placed to channel toxic smoke into designated zones for extraction by smoke exhaust fans or natural means.

Creating Smoke Reservoirs

In the event of a fire, escalator voids and gaps between floor compartments are sealed off to halt the spread of fire and smoke from lower to upper levels, effectively containing the hazards within defined areas.

Key Features

Adaptable Containment

Smoke curtains offer a flexible solution for confining smoke within defined areas, preventing its spread to distant sections of the building.

Effective Ventilation

By keeping the smoke layer contained in a buoyant state, these systems facilitate better ventilation, aiding in the safe evacuation of individuals.

Types of Smoke Containment Systems

Smoke Curtains

These barriers, whether fixed or movable, control or restrict smoke within designated zones. Movable systems remain discreetly retracted until required, seamlessly fitting into various ceiling configurations.

Fire Curtains

For situations necessitating both smoke and fire containment, fire curtains provide a specialized solution. Like smoke curtains, they effectively limit the movement of fire and smoke, safeguarding nearby areas.


Dependable Performance

Smoke curtain systems are engineered to operate reliably and safely, meeting rigorous industry standards and certifications.

Tailored Options

With a variety of configurations and sizes available, these systems can be customized to suit the distinct needs of different buildings and environments.

Integration and Support

  • Seamless Incorporation

    Smoke curtain systems blend seamlessly into building designs, ensuring minimal visual impact until activated during emergencies.

  • Professional Assistance

    Our team offers comprehensive support, including design consultation, installation, and ongoing maintenance, to ensure optimal performance and compliance with safety regulations.

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Incorporating smoke curtain systems into your building’s safety infrastructure is a proactive measure toward enhancing overall safety and minimizing the risks associated with fire emergencies. For expert guidance and assistance in implementing effective smoke containment solutions, contact us today.