Siemens Cerberus Pro

Siemens Cerberus Pro

XTRI-R output module

The Siemens – Fire Safety XTRI-series Intelligent Interface Modules are designed to provide the means of interfacing direct shorting devices to the fire-alarm control panel (FACP) loop circuit. All modules take up one (1) address on the loop. Each XTRI-series interface module provides built-in, intelligent dual isolation, and meets Class X (Style 7) wiring requirements. Up to 190 isolators per loop and up to 30 devices between isolators (wired in polarity-insensitive mode). Additionally, the devices between isolators can either be ‘H’-series or the more contemporary ‘X’-series detection devices.

  • Built-in dual isolators:
    – Modern technology supports comprehensive system-andinterface communication
    – Allows up to 190 isolators per loop and 30 devices between isolators
  • Dual input on Model XTRI-D, via a single address
  • Integral single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay on Model XTRI-R:
    – Up to 4 Amps.
  • Meets Class X (Style 7) survivability requirements
  • Low current draw
  • Polarity insensitive (in non-isolation mode) via SureWire™ technology:
    – Modern technology supports comprehensive system and interface communication
  • Multi-color light-emitting diode (LED) indicates system status:
  • Mounts in a 4-inch (10.2 cm.) square, 2–¼” (5.7 cm.) deep single-gang or double-gang back box
  • Non-obstructive front-end access to programming port and wiring terminals
  • Device Programmer | Test Unit programs and verifies address, as well as tests device functionality
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant
  • UL864 | UL2572 | UL2017 Listed; CAN/ULC-S527 & CAN/ULC-S576 Listed
    – File S24304, Vol. 3


Single Input Mon Modular with Relay & Isolator

Model XTRI-R is one of several intelligent interface modules used with Siemens Modular systems. Through the use of an addressable Form C relay, the Model XTRI-R relay and contact-device input are controlled at the same address. Additionally, the relay and input contact can be controlled as a separate function from a Siemens compatible FACP. The relay is typically used where control or shunting of external equipment is required. When a LED blinks twice on a Model XTRI-R, it indicates a change of relay status. Product is UL864, UL2572 and UL2017 Listed, as well as CAN/ULC-S527 and CAN/ULC-S576 Listed – File S24304, Vol. 3.