Siemens Cerberus Pro

Siemens Cerberus Pro

HZM Remote Conventional Zone Module

Model HZM | -Z

Model HZM | – Z is an intelligent device that connects a single zone of conventional devices to an analog loop. Model HZM | – Z can power up to 15 two-wire ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors (Siemens Models ‘3’ or ‘11’-series). Model HZM | – Z can power one (1) beam detector (Model PBA-1191) with no additional devices, and can also monitor listed alarm-causing shorting devices, such as: water-flow switches, thermal detectors, manual stations, etc.

  • Powers one (1) beam detector (Model PBA-1191) with no additional devices
  • Powers up to 15 Models, per`3’ or `11’-series smoke detectors
  • No mechanical-address programming required
  • Alarm-verification capability
  • WalkTest capability
  • Custom alphanumeric, 32-character message
  • One (1) conventional initiating-device circuit
  • Provides distributed conventional zoning
  • Unlimited shorting devices per circuit
  • `Class A’ (Style D) or `Class B’ (Style B)
  • Includes metal cover plate
  • Circuits power limited, per NEC 760
  • Multicolor light-emitting diode (LED) for status indication
  • UL 864 9th Edition Listed and ULC Listed;
    FM, CSFM & NYC Fire Department Approved

Use of Model HZM | -Z modules allows a fire system to use a combination of intelligent and conventional devices for use with a substantial reduction in wire.

Intelligent devices can be employed in those areas requiring pinpoint annunciation, as well as analogdetection features. Common or other areas can be protected using conventional-zone detection connected to Model HZM | -Z circuits.

The method of ‘distributed conventional zoning’ via modules connected to intelligent circuits can result in a substantial installed cost savings.

Products are UL 864 9th Edition listed for indoor dry locations within a temperature range of 120+/-3°F (49+/-2°C) to 32+/-3°F (0+/-2°C) and a relative humidity of 93+/-2% at a temperature of 90+/-3°F (32+/2°C).