TrueSite Workstations

Fire Alarm Network Annunciators TrueSite Workstations; Version 6.01

Network Annunciation
TrueSite Workstations provide annunciation, status display, and control for Simplex Fire Alarm Networks using a personal computer based graphical interface with a high resolution, color display. Response buttons with realistic icons provide control switches specific to the operation being performed.

Remote Clients
For remote viewing of TrueSite Workstation Server information, Remote Clients are available and connected using TCP/IP LAN/WAN Ethernet communications. Remote Clients can be annunciation only, or capable of system control when configured with Agency Listed hardware.

DACR Compatible
For systems requiring information from remote control panels through Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitters (DACTs), workstations can be equipped to communicate directly with a compatible DACR; refer to DACR interface for details.

  • Simplex fire alarm network connected graphical interface control
  • Compatible with Simplex ES Net and 4120 networks
  • Available TCP/IP, LAN/WAN connections; up to 20 remote clients on a 4120 network, or 60 remote clients on an ES Net network, can be connected to the server for multiple remote users; with dedicated and listed Fire Alarm LAN equipment, listed remote clients can have control access
  • Supports standard fire service annunciation icons to provide firefighter and first responders with critical fire response information
  • Custom alarm and system messages can intuitively guide emergency responders; important information, such as HAZMAT locations, contact information and more, can be quickly presented
  • Color graphical annunciation and control capacity for up to 250,000 ES Net network points or up to 100,000 4120 network points. See ES Net software compatibility and 4120 network software compatibility for additional details.
  • Floatable and dockable windows allows windows to either be fixed (docked) or floatable
  • Quad monitor support allows multiple active windows, or run separate client/server instances on individual monitors, with up to 4 total supported monitors
  • Pan-and-zoom features allow precise dynamic navigation within a graphic screen for rapid and convenient selection of the area of interest
  • Configurable coverage zones allow user defined areas or zones within a graphics screen to indicate the area of activity without zooming into the point of interest
  • Auto-jump allows the screen view to automatically jump to a graphic at a predetermined zoom level with the active device centered on the screen; alternately, the system can be selected to auto-jump to the Alarm List window
  • Captive or Non-Captive modes support dedicated workstation operation (captive) or workstation operation with other Windows applications, such as word processing, spreadsheet and more, where workstation activity takes precedence (non-captive)
  • Extensive historical logging; up to 500,000 events with operator notations; information is spreadsheet and database compatible for report customization
  • Optional interface to Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR) integrates multiple systems onto a single workstation*
  • Multiple password controlled operator levels with selectable feature access
  • 3rd Party Interface open-architecture solution provides enhanced information access for advanced users
  • Available optional connections for printers or other compatible systems
  • Operating Systems; Server and clients compatible with Windows 7 & 10 Professional or Enterprise. Clients also compatible with Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 10 Home (32-bit and 64-bit for all options)
  • TrueSite Workstation Mobile Client allows compatible iOS and Android devices to access system information
  • Export to XML feature allows TrueSite Workstation data to be easily exported for report generation and customization
  • Test Mode allows unobtrusive testing of selective devices without nuisance interruptions at the operator workstation
  • Password Security supports 8 to 16 alphanumeric passwords with configurable lockout for failed attempts
  • Operator Notes allows an operator to log notes associated with individual events for historical records and retrieval
  • DACR Account Filter can filter historical log reports easily
  • Web Browser Command Link enables the ability to easily call up an external web page or link, such as web-cam and more, with a single command button on a graphic screen
  • RAID 1 Support provides a real-time “mirror” image on a secondary hard drive for enhanced life-safety workstation survivability; operation will automatically transition to the alternate drive on a drive failure without loss of operation. RAID support is available to systems that do not use the Backup Utility.
  • Backup Utility can be configured to automatically backup specified directories, including TSW job data, to the secondary hard drive. The Backup Utility is available to systems that do not use RAID.
  • Vector information to supervised Remote Clients; select by point, event category, panel, or custom list
  • Email generation is available to send updates to individuals or to distribution lists with selectable content
  • Sound files (WAV) can be used to create custom audible status annunciation using local onboard speakers
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius temperatures can be displayed for screens showing heat sensor temperatures
  • UL 864 as Fire Alarm Control Unit Annunciator (UOXX.S771)
  • UL 864 as Fire Alarm Proprietary Supervising Station Control Unit (UOJZ.S771)
  • UL 864 as Firefighter Smoke Control Station (UUKL.S771)
  • UL 1076 as Proprietary Burglar Alarm Unit (APOU.BP2801)
  • UL 1610 as Central Station Burglar Alarm Control Unit (AMCX.S771)
  • UL 2572 as Mass Notification System Supervising Station Control Unit (PGWM.S771, PGWM.S232), see Mass notification systems reference for details.
  • ULC-S527 as Fire Alarm Control Unit Annunciator (UOXX7.S771)
  • ULC-S527, Commercial Supervising Control Unit (UOJZ7.S771)
  • ULC/ORD-C100, Smoke Control System Equipment for Canada (UUKL7.S771)
  • ULC/ORD-C1076, Proprietary Alarm System Annunciator (APOU7.S771)
  • UL 1076, Proprietary Burglar Alarm Multiplex Receiving Unit (APOU.S771)
  • ULC-S559, Central Station Fire Alarm System Receiving Station (DAYR7.S771)
  • Over 30,000 custom fields generated and edited graphic screen capacity is available
  • Multiple import and export formats are supported (see Supported Graphics Formats section in Graphics screens)
  • Multiple workstations can be nodes on the same fire alarm network to provide redundant operations for improved survivability
  • Connect to up to seven (7) separate network loops
  • Graphical diagnostic tools identify network node and loop status
  • Set-host service functions allow access to remote network node data including individual TrueAlarm analog sensors
  • Provides event printing (with compatible printer), view or print of status and service reports, TrueAlert Self-Test reports, and print graphic screens
  • Compatible with Information Management Systems (IMS) and Graphic Command Center (GCC) on the same fire alarm network
  • 2120 Multiplex Serial Line Interface (SLI) allows connection to up to eight, 2120 Multiplex systems
  • Computers are available as desktop or rack mount with mouse operation and/or touchscreen operation providing convenient user interface
  • Desktop LCD widescreen, high resolution LED backlit monitors are 22 inch class, 21.5 inch (546 mm) diagonal, provide 1920 x 1080 resolution, and are available with or without touchscreen
  • Wall mount LCD widescreen, high resolution monitors are 42 inch (1067 mm) diagonal, provide 1920 x 1200 resolution, and are available with or without touchscreen
  • Rack mount LCD high resolution monitors are 19 inch class 18.5 in. (470 mm) diagonal with touchscreen and provide 1366 x 768 resolution;