Conventional Strobe & Horn

Multi-Candela TrueAlert A/Vs with horn and synchronized strobe provide convenient installation to standard electrical boxes. The enclosure designs are both impact and vandal resistant and provide a convenient strobe intensity selection. Since each model can be selected for strobe intensity output, on-site model inventory is minimized and changes encountered during construction can be easily accommodated.

Wall mount A/V housings are a one-piece assembly (including lens) that mounts to a single or double gang, or 4” square standard electrical box. The cover can be quickly removed (a tool is required) and covers are available separately for color conversion.

Ceiling mount A/Vs install using standard 4” electrical boxes. Color choice is determined by model number.

Audible/visible (A/V) notification appliances with efficient electronic horn and high output xenon strobe, available for wall or ceiling mount

  • Operation is compatible with ADA requirements (refer to important installation information on page 3)
  • Rugged, high impact, flame retardant thermoplastic housings are available in red or white with clear lens

Operates over a two-wire SmartSync circuit to provide:

  • Horns that are controlled separately from strobes on the same two-wire circuit
  • “On-until-silenced” and “on-until-reset” operation on the same two-wire pair
  • SmartSync horn activation of Temporal pattern, March Time pattern (at 60 BPM), or on continuously
  • Strobe appliances on the same circuit operating at a synchronized 1 Hz flash rate
  • Class B operation requires connection to a compatible SmartSync NAC or to SmartSync Control Module (SCM) 4905-9938
  • Class A operation when connected to the 4905-9938 SCM or with 4100U series fire alarm control panel NACs

Wall mount A/Vs features:

  • Wiring terminals are accessible from the front of the housing providing easy access for installation, inspection, and testing
  • Covers are available separately to convert housing color
  • Available UL listed sound damper for locations requiring attenuation of 5 to 6 dBA (stairwells, small rooms, highly reverberant areas, etc.)

Optional adapters and wire guards:

  • Wall mount A/V adapters are available to cover surface mounted electrical boxes and to adapt to Simplex® 2975-9145 boxes
  • UL listed red wire guards are available for wall or ceiling mount A/Vs

Visible notification appliance (strobe):

  • 24 VDC xenon strobe; intensity is selectable as 15, 30, 75, or 110 candela with visible selection jumper secured behind strobe housing
  • UL listed to Standard 1971
  • Regulated circuit design ensures consistent flash output and provides controlled inrush current

Audible notification appliance (horn):

  • Low current, 24 VDC electronic horn with harmonically rich sound output suitable for either steady or coded operation (Temporal or 60 BPM March Time pattern)
  • UL listed to Standard 464

During installation, a selection plug at the back of the housing determines the desired strobe intensity. An attached flag with black letters on a highly visible yellow background allows the selected intensity to be seen at the side of the strobe lens.

Proper selection of visible notification is dependent on occupancy, location, local codes, and proper applications of: the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72), ANSI A117.1; the appropriate model building code: BOCA, ICBO, or SBCCI; and the application guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Multiple Strobes. When multiple strobes and their reflections can be seen from one location, synchronized flashes reduce the probability of photo-sensitive reactions as well as the annoyance and possible distraction of random flashing. The multi-candela strobes of these A/Vs are synchronized by the controlling SmartSync operation NAC.

SmartSync operation mode allows a two-wire circuit to provide the ability to activate both the horn and strobe on the same NAC and then allow the horn to be silenced while the strobe remains flashing. The horn operates as “on-until-silenced” while the strobe operation is “on-until-reset.”

  • 4006, 4007ES Hybrid, 4008, 4010, 4010ES, 4100ES, and 4100U Fire Alarm Control Panels (refer to individual product data sheets for more information)
  • 4009 IDNet NAC Extender (refer to data sheet S4009-0002)
  • SmartSync Control Module (SCM) 4905-9938 (refer to data sheet S4905-0003)

Additional SmartSync compatible notification appliances include separate horns and combination horn/strobe notification appliances.